Doctoral | Department of Civil


Research Areas

Geotechnical Engineering: Constitutive modeling of frictional materials; physics of granular materials; poromechanics; computational geomechanics; soil-foundation-structure interaction; electronic cone penetrometer testing and direct-push sampling (CPT-DPT) for geotechnical & geoenvironmental subsurface investigation.

Structural and earthquake engineering: Sustainable design & construction; structural performance assessment & rehabilitation; structural health monitoring; smart material and structures; damage quantification and prediction using piezo vibration characteristic; analytical formulation of integrated sensor-structure system; non-destructive evaluation and system identification; seismic hazard analysis; wave propagation; vibration control systems; stochastic earthquake analysis.

Transportation Engineering: Road safety law & policy; motor vehicle safety; road traffic injuries; transportation research (safety and pollution); human tolerance biomechanics; motor vehicle safety; road traffic injuries & childhood injuries; sustainable urban transport; safer cities & low carbon transport.

Urban Studies: Sustainable infrastructure, urban morphology, urban heat island effect and microclimate, public health impacts of urban transport & environment, energy use.

Water Resource Engineering: Hydraulic structures, experimental analysis of hydraulic flow, channel control, hydraulic engineering, river engineering.

Environmental Engineering: Water and wastewater treatment; air quality monitoring & modeling; solid & hazardous waste management; engine exhaust characterization & its fate analyses; health risk exposure assessment due to environmental contaminants.

Geoinformatics: Application of GIS and remote sensing in air-water-soil interactions; low-cost sensing systems for sustainable urban development including early warning systems for disaster management, urban morphology & others; impact of climate change on infrastructure.