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Structural Analysis II

Course Objective:
1.    Understand analysis of statically indeterminate structures and its application to one dimensional members
2.     Understand different methods and their advantages to analyze the indeterminate structures
3.    Understand matrix method of analysis and be able to develop computer programs to analyze two dimensional plane structures
4.    Understand plastic analysis of structures and be able to analyze collapse load for beams and frames
1.    Unit-I: Introduction to Statically Indeterminate Structures
Review of analysis for statically determinate structures, Degree of indeterminancy and stability of structures, Overview of analysis of indeterminate structures by force methods and displacement methods, Importance of matrix analysis
2.    Unit-II: Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Beams
Theorem of three moments, energy methods, flexibility coefficients, Two hinged arches: Reaction, horizontal thrust, effect of yielding of supports, temperature change, Column analogy method: method development, analysis of beams by column analogy method
3.    Unit-III: Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Structures
Moment distribution method: Introduction, method development, solution of continuous beam, effect of settlement and rotation of support, frames with or without lateral sway
Kani’s method: Introduction, basic concepts, application to beams and frames with and without side sway
Slope deflection method: Introduction, development of slope deflection equations, application to continuous beams and frames with and without lateral sway
4.    Unit-IV: Matrix Stiffness method
Introduction, stiffness and flexibility coefficient, member stiffness matrix, transformation, compatibility and equilibrium, assemblage of structural stiffness matrix, Imposing support conditions, banded property of structural stiffness matrix, computer implementation
5.    Unit-V: Plastic Analysis
Introduction, stress-strain curve, beams in pure bending, plastic moment of resistance, shape factor, load factor, plastic hinge and mechanism, plastic analysis of simple structures, upper and lower bound theorems

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