Abhishek Dixit | Department of Civil


PhD Scholar
Department of Civil Engineering
School of Engineering (SoE)
Shiv Nadar University
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Profile Summary 

Abhishek is working in the broad area of earthquake and structural engineering under Dr. Gyan Vikash, Associate Professor, Shiv Nadar University. The prime focus of his research is to develop a finite element model of the soil-caisson-pier system of a bridge structure using an FEM software considering the material and geometric nonlinearity under different soil conditions with proper interface modelling. The research further focusses on creating a more robust and accurate spring-mass model of the soil-caisson-pier system from the simulation results correlating the soil characteristics, nonlinearity, inhomogeneity, and interface phenomenon with the model parameters. The developed model can be used by design engineers directly for design purposes.

Educational Qualifications 
M. Tech. (Structural Engineering)
Amity University, Noida
B. Tech. (Civil Engineering)
Sharda University, Greater Noida
Work Experience 
Assistant Professor,
Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology,
Summer Research Fellow,
Indian Institute of Technology,
Assistant Professor,
Anand Engineering College,
Associate Lecturer,
Hindustan Institute of Technology & Management,
Site Engineer,
Kaveri Constructions,
Conferences (Select): 

1. A Study on the Physical and Chemical Parameters of Industrial By-Products Ashes useful in making Sustainable Concrete
International Conference on ‘Energy, Material Sciences & Mechanical Engineering’, EMSME 2020, National Institute of Technology, Delhi. (November 2020)
Author: Abhishek Dixit
Journal Publication: Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier
Indexing: Scopus and Web of Science Indexed
Published online: 24/12/2020

2. Comparative Seismic Analysis between Elevated Circular Water tanks using Equivalent Static Method and Response Spectrum Method
International Conference on ‘Trends and Recent Advances in Civil Engineering’, TRACE 2020. Amity University, Noida. (August 2020)
Journal Publication: Advances in Geotechnics & Structural Engineering, Springer Book Series
Indexing: Scopus Indexed
Published online: 30/04/2021

3. Bamboo Bonding in Concrete: A Critical Review
International Conference on ‘Delivering Future Infrastructure for Developing Countries’ INFRACON 2019. Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune. (September 2019)
Authors: Abhishek Dixit and Dr. Vishal Puri
Journal Publication: International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering
Indexing: Scopus Indexed
Published online: September 2019

4. Experimental Evaluation on Compressive and Tensile Behavior of Concrete utilizing GGBS, Fly Ash and Recycled Aggregates
Authors: Abhishek Dixit and Yaman Hooda
Journal Publication: International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology
Indexing: Scopus Indexed
Published online: June 2019

  1. Reviewer of Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier.
  2. Offered a fellowship by Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru under Summer Research Fellowship Programme 2021 (Teacher Category) and worked under Dr. Prakash Nanthagopalan, IIT Bombay.
  3. One of the top ‘3 teachers’ selected for Summer Research Fellowship 2021 under ‘Engineering’ category.
  4. Appointed as an Expert Reviewer by Academic Exchange Information Centre (AEIC).
  5. Silver Medalist Awardee in M. Tech Structural Engineering, Amity University, Noida.