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Areas of Research

Civil Engineering is global, and the best research is happening at its boundaries with disciplines such as natural sciences, law, and social sciences. These two facts define our primary mission as a department: be a global leader in research to advance the state of the profession, widen our horizons and encompass interdisciplinary research, and prepare students for success in their careers so that they become the next generation of academic and industry leaders.

We are cognizant of the ongoing transitions in the practice of civil engineering. Civil engineers must deal not just with technical issues and efficient design, but equally so with the larger social, economic, and environmental aspects of their work. Related to this is the challenge of unprecedented infrastructure development and urbanization in India, with the populace seeking increased wealth and living standards. As such, not only will we strive to work across sub-disciplines within the department and across engineering departments, we will engage in our research and in our teaching with the natural sciences, the social sciences and with policy programs both within and outside SNU.