Estimation of Perceived and Actual Risk Faced by Pedestrians: Case Study Delhi, India

In case of Delhi (India), where road space is shared by variety of vehicle types, traffic crash fatalities from 2006-12 show that pedestrians have the largest share in total road fatalities. In an attempt to manage high-speed traffic in the city and safety of pedestrians a large number of pedestrian subways and foot over-bridges have been constructed. However, their usage is poor.

The focus of this study was to understand pedestrians’ perceptions about safety, convenience, security and comfort of different crossing facilities and road infrastructure in the city as well as in their own neighborhood where they are familiar with the surroundings.  Since pedestrians’ perception of risk also provides important information to identify potential crash risk, the study also explored the pedestrian perception of risk of getting involved in a traffic crash and the impact of built environment features in their risk perceptions.

Results showed potentially useful role that pedestrian perception of risk and preferences of road crossing can play in influencing the actual crashes of pedestrians.