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Materials and Structures

Structures and materials used to build them are the heart of civil engineering. The current focus of research in this area is on developing bio-inspired materials for increased structural resilience, and non-destructive structural health monitoring.


Concrete is the most critical element used in public infrastructure/buildings. Concrete is very brittle material with low tolerance for strain, so it is commonly expected to form crack with time. These cracks not only compromise structural integrity and also do expose reinforced bar to water and other salts and this will initiates the corrosion, and also affects the durability of concrete. As regular maintenance and repair of concrete constructions is costly and in some cases, it is not at all possible, so there was a need to develop a self-repairing concrete. Bio mineralization is defined as a biologically induced process in which an organism creates a local micro-environment with conditions that allow optimal extracellular chemical precipitation of mineral phases. The motivation behind this project is to produce the bio-con matrix with bacterial cultivation in it and its strength characterization.


Rapid increase in urbanization and increase in construction industry activities causes huge risk in terms of pollution due to depletion of natural resources as well due to amount of green house gases released as a product of steel production and other forms of construction activities. This initiates the advent of new materials which can withstand the harsh environmental effects to foster urban development with fewer effects of pollution. The motivation for bio-adaptive materials in this context is that unlike living organisms, buildings are typically conceived as static, inanimate objects. Because a building’s surroundings and internal conditions are constantly changing, there is a lot to adapt or utilize from nature that can foster more adaptability for enhanced building performance. The aim of the project is to improve the strength enhancement of concrete ingredients and materials such as resuscitate and also strength enhancement of salt eroded recycled coarse aggregates using non-pathogenic biological materials.



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