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Highway Materials Laboratory

The laboratory of transportation engineering is well equipped with all the required instruments and equipments that are helpful in the overall understanding and practical knowledge of a student.

The Transportation Division/department is

  • equipped with advanced hardware to support a wide range of teaching and research activities, ranging from undergraduate to post-graduate studies.These include a wide range of video cameras, recorders, editors and monitors is available to record various traffic phenomena for later extraction and analysis.
  • providing computing facility for research scholars and graduate students also. A number of application-software packages are available in the lab like MX-Road software etc.

Testing Capabilities:

Transportation laboratory includes the equipments/facilities for the tests on aggregates, bitumen/binder and bitumen mixes. Testing capabilities include -

  • the evaluation, preparation, and testing of aggregate sources, products, and samples for use in concrete, asphalt mixtures, and granular base course applications 
  • the research on physical properties of paving materials such as flow, deformation and fracture, to characterize properly the behavior of paving materials such as asphalt binder and fine aggregate mastic containing asphalt binders. The Laboratory is equipped to evaluate the strength, stiffness, and ductility of paving materials
  • The research on asphalt pavement mixtures to improve the performance of asphalt pavement, reducing wear and tear and shortening construction delays

Following is the list of equipments in the laboratory:

1.            Ductility testing machine, electrically operated

2.            Los angles Abrasion testing machine,  IS 2386

3.            Aggregate crushing value apparatus

4.            Aggregate impact tester IS 2386(IV)

5.            Laboratory CBR Apparatus IS 9669, IS 2720 (Part XVI)

6.            Universal Penetrometer with automatic time controller

7.            Thickness( flakiness ) gauge, ISI mark, IS 2386 (Part I)

8.            Length( elongation) gauge, ISI mark

9.            Flash point closed Pensky Martens Apparatus, IS 1209

10.          Ring ball apparatus, electrically heated , IS 1205

11.          Marshall apparatus (Electrically operated)

12.          Standard Tar Viscometer

13.          Pycnometer, Digital display weighing machine, Standard test sieves, Thermometers of various ranges, Spring balance


C-008, Ground Floor, C-Block