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Surveying Laboratory

The laboratory of Surveying is well equipped with all the required instruments and tools that are helpful in the overall understanding and practical knowledge of a student.Students learn techniques for gathering field data with both traditional and modern instruments. 

Surveying Lab offers additional experience in fundamental land surveying measurement methods for surveying courses, including precision steel taping methods to perform horizontal measurements, digital theodolites to perform angular measurements and traditional and automatic levels for elevation measurements.

Furthermore, students have opportunity to use total station equipment, which enables horizontal, vertical and angular measurements to be made in one operation.

The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with the following instruments/equipments:

1.            Total Station

2.            Auto/Digital level

3.            Vernier Theodolite

4.            Prismatic Compass

5.            Plane Table

6.            Telescopic staff

7.            Tripod, Alidade, Plumbing Fork, Spirit level, Trough Compass, U -Frame

8.            Line Ranger, Optical square/Cross staff

9.            Metric Chain, Plumb bob, Arrows, Ranging Rod


C-109, First Floor, C-Block