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The project looks at the impact of urban morphology on driver behaviour. We use the built-in sensors in Smart Phones to record the speed, instances of sudden acceleration and braking, and phone use while driving. This data is mapped onto location data, including morphological data such as road layout, road surface characteristics, and land use. Analyses include determining if identifying developing relationships between are done patterns This is a joint project with the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Chicago. Funding is being provided by the University of Chicago Center in Delhi under the Center's "Harnessing New Technologies to Address Pressing Problems in Energy, Environment, and Public Health" program.

We will develop and test a device for monitoring risky driving and providing real-time feedback, and design a randomized control trial to test how commercial drivers respond to financial incentives for safer driving. In addition, we will explore using the device to study how roadway design and urban layout influences the probability of crashes in urban and peri-urban areas.