Driver Behaviour And Urban Morphology | Department of Civil

Driver Behaviour And Urban Morphology

—After over a century of research there have been few interventions that have worked in modifying driver behavior. Raising awareness of risks and driver education do not result in safer behaviors. This project looks at the impact of urban morphology on driver behaviour. The specific aspects of morphology considered in this work are road network layout and the structure and function of the built environment the road(s) pass through.

—Deterrence through traditional police enforcement has been difficult because it is resource intensive and requires levels of policing that are often politically unacceptable. In contrast, inexpensive sensors could potentially create a panoptic effect by constantly monitoring aggressive driving and providing real-time feedback to the driver. Part off the question we are trying to address is whether a device that relies on pervasive observation, constant alerts, and tangible penalties/incentives will have the ability to shape driver behavior where previous attempts have failed.