Dr. Atri Nath receives DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship | Department of Civil

Dr. Atri Nath receives DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship

Dr. Atri Nath, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering (CED) has recently received the DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship 2021. In this fellowship/project, he will work on Simulation of Cyclic-plastic response of additively manufactured materials. The research fellowship is of 5 years duration and the amount of grant is ₹35 Lakhs.

Details of the project

Additive manufacturing (AM) is an emerging manufacturing method enabling fabrication of complex geometries, and the ability to design functionally graded materials. This study will focus on the behaviour of additively manufactured metallic materials under high amplitude fatigue loading to promote safe and durable design of 3D-printed components. The output of this work will help in developing design guidelines for the use of additively manufactured components in safety-critical applications e.g., Bio-prosthetics, Biomedical devices, nuclear industry, and pipelines industry. A framework considering high-fidelity models will be considered and will involve computational approaches based on finite element analysis, cyclic-plastic modelling, damage mechanics, crystal-plasticity, and multiscale methods. The parameters of the adopted numerical framework would be based experimental behaviour under monotonic, low cycle fatigue tests, ratcheting tests; microstructural investigations like EBSD, SEM, and TEM and examination of fractured surface would provide insights about the underlying failure mechanisms.

Focus of the project:

  • experimentally obtain the stress-strain response of AM materials under different loading conditions
  • establish a suitable numerical framework to simulate the behaviour of AM materials
  • extend the experimental and numerical framework to analyse the behaviour at component scale for different geometries.
  • validating the numerical framework to assess the fatigue life of AM components.
  • exploring factors to serve as guidelines for fatigue design

Funding Agency: DST, Govt. of India

Time: 5 years

Funding Amount:  ₹ 35 Lakhs