Dr. Ellora Padhi receives SRG grant from SERB, DST | Department of Civil

Dr. Ellora Padhi receives SRG grant from SERB, DST

Dr. Ellora Padhi, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering received SRG grant (SRG/2022/000843) from SERB, DST, Government of India. She has been awarded the grant of ~ Rs. 21 Lakhs/- for duration of two years (2022-2024) for the project entitled “A novel hybrid approach for the design of stilling basin to counter the downstream local scour.

Schematic of modified stilling basin design for dissipation of kinetic energy using series of dune and scour preventive measures using geocells

Summary of project:

During floods, flow over the spillway has sufficient energy to erode the bed, causing local scour at the downstream. Thus, a stilling basin is provided as an energy dissipator at the spillway downstream. Subsequently, a hydraulic jump is formed over the stilling basin, and certain amount of energy gets dissipated. However, even after the jump formation, energy within the water is still so high that it causes local scour at the basin downstream. As a result, the stability of the stilling basin and in turn, the spillway becomes endangered. Therefore, our aim is to upgrade the stilling basin design by providing dunal roughness structure over the basin along with a modified end sill shape, such that energy dissipation within the basin can be maximized. The broad objective of the project involves modification of stilling basin design, investigation of turbulence characteristics and estimation of dissipation rate and reduction of scour depth downstream of the stilling basin.