The Department offers a four-year Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Civil Engineering degree. Students from any other Department at the University can also obtain a minor in Civil Engineering, provided they fulfill the Departmental minor requirements. Similarly, Civil Engineering undergraduate students can obtain a minor in any department in the University, provided they meet that Department's criteria for obtaining a minor.

The curriculum of our undergraduate (UG) program has been designed to fill the existing gaps between the industry and academia, so that we produce thorough professionals ready to face the challenges of the real world, including an understanding of the socio-economic, environmental, regulatory and ethical issues relevant to the engineering profession.

The flexibility of SNU's curriculum allows students to customize their programs to meet their own interests. Students combine core courses in Math, Science, and Engineering with electives in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business.

Students build on this foundation throughout their program of study by engaging in experiential learning in order to gain a hands-on experience in applying classroom concepts in the real world. A two-part final-year project provides students the opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary teams to pursue an engineering idea from conception to design. The innovative curriculum offers exceptional preparation for an engineering career, as well as for many other professions.